Edge 360

Photo of a foam version of the Edge 360 R/C airplane

The ‘Edge 360’ is a Flat-Foamie ARF kit, assembled in the Czech Republic built from EPP Foam, and has rudder, elevator, aileron and motor controls. The power is from a 2S1P, 2100mah Li Poly battery and the motor is a Tower Pro 2409-12 brushless outrunner, swinging an 8-6 fiberglass prop, controlled by a Tower Pro 25 Amp ESC. The receiver is a GWS, four channel FM and the servos are Hitec HS-55s.

This is one GREAT ship to fly!! For a Flat Foamie, it’s as stable, or as maneuverable, as you’d like. You can drag it around the field all day long on the verge of a stall, or, give it full throttle, and watch it climb straight up till it’s out of sight.

If flying aerobatics is your thing, you can do endless loops, inside and out, all day long. Stall turns, right and left………..forever. Four-point rolls, snap rolls, you name it, and we’re there.
This has become my favorite aerobatic ship for now……..just a BALL to fly!