Gentle Lady

Carl Goldberg’s ‘Gentle Lady’…Modified

I began the build on this particular ship almost ten years ago.
The original airplane was to be specially built for a new Club Event at the time, and was to use a Cox .049 on a firewall mount, after the nose had been shortened somewhat to minimize any change in the CG.

Well, the Event never happened, and so, after completing about 95% of the construction, the unfinished airframe just sorta ‘gathered dust’ for the next few years.

Then, about a year and a half ago, I decided to finish the ‘Lady’……….but not before we changed a few things.
First, we simply added a hardwood nose block where the Cox engine was to go. Simple. Done. And since we here playing around with flaps on some other designs, I took the ‘completely finished wing’, and hacked it a little bit………well…….quite a bit……..and added flaps.

And lastly, just for looks (after all, ALL Gentle Lady’s look the same from a side view), I re-designed the vertical fin/rudder.
Covered the wing and tail surfaces with Ultra Cote, and prepped the fuselage with automotive primer, followed by finish coats of “Rattle Can” Krylon gloss Banner Red paint.

Final weight came in at 29 oz., higher than the plans called for by 4 oz ( with that shortened nose, we had to add some nose weight………then the flaps and flap servo…….), but, it’s a terrific flier in our normal ‘windy’ Pennsylvania weather, and the flaps add a new dimension of fun to an already great flying 2M airplane.

So, there you have it. Build a Gentle Lady……….and, while you’re at it, increase the size of the fin/rudder for better turn authority in windy weather, ballast it a little (read that, put a shinny finish on the fuselage) and stick some flaps on the wing……….make a good airplane just that much better.

Have fun !