‘All-Up-Last-Down’ Event 2007

'All-Up-Last-Down' Event 2007

On Saturday, September 15, 2007, about a dozen MASS Members gathered at Cain Field for the Annual The ‘All-Up-Last-Down’ Event.

For a day in September, the weather certainly didn’t co-operate, as we had cool temperatures, and ‘moderate’ winds…moderate ? ? ? Anyway, the rules say we all launch at the same time, and the last plane to land is the winner. Any airplane qualifies, as long as it’s either a Sailplane (Winch or Hi-Start), or, an Electric of ANY kind. Any (electric) motor, and control function, and battery supply, as many re-starts as you want……just fly as long as you are able. When the smoke cleared, our Icarus Award Winner for 2007 was Chris Scutt, with a time of 1 hr, 34 minutes and 13 seconds…he had to land because of a ‘bladder’ problem ! ! !

We had fun, we laughed a lot and learned a lot…join us next September and see how long you can ‘Keep It Up….

Duie, Event Director