Glider Golf Event 2019

Glider Golf 2019

Glider Golf July 27, 2019 Cain Country Club

For our Ninth Annual Glider Golf Event, we were again blessed with GREAT weather.

Bright sunshine, light breezes and warm temperatures greeted Dave Reynolds, Jim Troxell and Jim Donohoe, as they gathered at the first tee at Cain Country Club.

Interestingly that these three guys were the only three who came out for this Annual Event this year…….looking at the Annual Award Plaque, they were the only three guys whose names are on the Plaque after nine years. It certainly shows their continued interest in the Event.

Everyone was off to a great start, as all three had great tee shots. On #2, Jim Donohue sliced off into the low tree line, and suffered some slight damage. We got it fixed, but, try as he did, the damage was just too much, and Jim was forced to sit out the remainder of the round after only two holes.

After a brief refreshment break under the shelter, Dave and Jim headed for the #4 tee.

For the next six holes, it was nip and tuck, as the two were pretty well matched.

However………..after a close round, Dave Reynolds walked off the 9th green victorious once again, and won the much-coveted Award Plaque with a score of 30.

Retiring to the watering hole that was the “10th hole…..”, the golfers were greeted by onlookers Bob Heisel, Jim Carter, Mark Slama, Don Sherwood and yours truly. I opened a discussion on how we might improve the Event, now that we have filled the original Award Plaque with nine years of play. Ideas were tossed around to the extent that, there will be some major changes for next year and in to the future, with the intent of making the Event “More Do-able…..” as we all continue our march toward “Seniorship”…….more to come over the next year, as I continue to mull over a number of changes that, I hope, will give more of our guys a better chance of joining us for another fun-filled day of Glider Golf at Cain Country Club next year.


Golf Pro / Cain Country Club – 2019