Glider Golf Event 2022

Guys……………..A quick run-down on our Glider Golf Event from yesterday.

Well…….as most of you know, we held our 13th Annual ‘Glider Golf’ Event at Cain Country Club yesterday, and, despite the heat forecast, we had five entries on the sign-in sheet at tee time.

Signed in were Dave Brodak, Bill Rued, Jim Troxell, Jim Donohoe and Dave Brodak.

As we approached the first tee, Jim Donohoe had to scratch due to equipment failure, as the elevator servo on his ‘Libelle’ just wouldn’t behave itself.

Left with four contenders, we quickly settled on two groups of two (now that didn’t take a whole lot to figure out………….), with Dave Reynolds teeing off first, followed by his partner, Bill Rued.

Next to tee off was the twosome of Jim Troxell and Dave Brodak, with Jimmy T flying his ‘Skimmer’, and Dave putting all his hopes and dreams into his ‘Whip-It’.

Dave Reynold’s trusty and experienced ‘Slice’ DLG and Bill Rued’s rugged ‘Alula’ began, early on, to show signs of being the ones to beat, as both of these guys were having drives that were challenging every hole with a possible, “Hole-In’One”.

Following close behind was Jimmy T’s veteran ‘Skimmer’. Jim’s entry was both rugged and accurate, but averaging almost six strokes a hole, Jim just couldn’t get the ‘Long Drive’ so necessary to score well at Cain.

Jim’s partner, Dave Brodak, decided, at the last minute, to champion his ‘Whip-It’……to his frustration…..and the delight of all the on-lookers ! Dave tried, valiantly, to ‘drive’ his entry in to the Cain breezes, but, try as he might, the Whip-It just wasn’t able to get that ‘Punch’ into the wind to keep up with the pack. Sadly, a broken fuselage couldn’t be properly fixed, and so, with broad smile and heavy heart, Dave was forced to withdraw from the Tournament. He did, however, continue to walk the remainder of the round, giving moral support to his partner.

Bill Rued’s efforts with his ‘Alula’ had all of us guessing……….sometimes his drives were right down the fairway………..and, at other times, his entry seemed to listen to the Wind Gods a lot more. Having to go ‘out-of-bounds’ more than once to retrieve his entry from the trees along side #5 and #8, Bill got his ship back from the “Heavy Rough……..” every time, enabling him to keep the pressure on his partner.

But, once again, it was our long-time consistent winner, Dave Reynolds, and his veteran, original design ‘Slice’ DLG that, again, showed all those present how to win this Event. Great original design, coupled with consistent flying, enabled Dave to finish this year’s Event in First Place, once again, with a score of 26.

Our congratulations go out again this year to Dave Reynolds, for taking home the coveted Trophy, as well as bragging rights for the year………….way to go, Dave !

To all those who were there, either the participants, or as ‘spectators’, thanks for coming out to be part of our 13th Annual Event…………hope to see you all back at Cain Country Club next year for our 14th Annual Event.