Glider-Golf Event 2010

Glider Golf 2010

Rules For The GLIDER GOLF Event

There will be a Pilots Meeting at 10:00 AM on the first tee………with the first tee off at 10:30 AM, sharp. The plan is to run the Event for all nine holes, which I estimate should take about an hour and a half. It’s a ‘Bring-Your-Own-Lunch’ day, and I’d like to be finished between 12:00 and 12:30 for lunch.

The idea is, I’ll set up three ‘Holes’ (Hula Hoops), then fly three rounds………viola !!……..nine holes.

Every ‘Toss’ counts as a stroke……….count your own strokes………till you get your ship to land with some part/any part touching the Hula Hoop (which will, of course, be laying flat on the ground). No, you don’t have to land inside the Hula Hoop………just close enough so that some part of your sailplane can touch the Hula Hoop……….see how easy this is going to be…….

First ‘Hole’ will be a Winch launch ( you pick your own power setting) to the furthest ‘Hole’………….then, ‘Hole Two’ will be half way back to the launch point, with ‘Hole Three’, near the original Winch launch point…….holes Two and Three will, of course, be much shorter than Hole One, and will be done with a conventional ‘Hand Toss/Launch’. You then play the same three ‘Holes’ again………..then again………for a total of nine holes. You can use a ‘Proxy’ to do your “Tossing”, but each entrant must do the actual flying at all times.

Depending on the number of registered golfers, we’ll go off in small groups of maybe two, or maybe three pilots per group.

Everybody will keep their own score………I’ll provide the 3 x 5 cards for that, but please bring something to write with……..I don’t have that many pencils around here…..

Lowest score wins !!

So get your hand-launch, or your two-meter, or ‘whatever’ (NO electrics….) ready to fly, and come on out for a day of “Hand-Launch Golf” at ‘Cain Country Club’ on October 23rd.

See Ya on the first tee !!

The Day of the Event

On Saturday October 23, 2010, we ran our “First-In-A-Long-Time” Golf Event, with the running of the 2010 Glider Golf Event.

The weather started off a little chilly and overcast (and breezy…….), but it did warm up a bit, as the sun broke through.

Seven ‘Golfers’ signed up at the Clubhouse, and we were off to the No. 1 Tee.

After the customary ‘Group Photo’, followed by individual shots of the golfers, we were off to the winch.

Our son, Mike (visiting us with his family from the state of California) acted as our photographer (he is a professional photographer). He took almost 200 shots during the Event, and there are some pretty spectacular shots in there.

The Tourney was made up of a field of Dave Reynolds, Dave Briggs, Gene Boyko, Paul Ciarelli, Bob Gumbert Tom Harron, and myself.

After the first round, the field was reduced to just four……….Dave Briggs, Dave Reynolds, Gene Boyko and myself…………….to finish off the ‘front nine’, we made up a new foursome, and off we went.

When the smoke cleared, the scores were amazingly close, with Gene Boyko posting a winning 33, followed up by Dave Brigg’s 35. Finishing in a tie for third was Dave Reynolds and myself with a pair of 37s.

Since this was actually the first time we had tried Glider Golf with three rounds of three holes each, I consider it a “First”, and, as with anything new, we learned a few things. We need to put a “Big Yellow Thing” inside of each Hula Hoop, so we can see ‘em better; and learn how to fly better when throwing a glider into a tailwind……………ask us how we all discovered this!

I think we all had fun.

Hope we decide to do it again next year.

Duie, Event Director – Glider Golf 2010