Glider-Golf Event 2011

Glider Golf 2011

This past Saturday, we held the First Annual Glider Golf Event at Cain Field, with five guys showing up to play a round.

The weather was perfect, with bright sun, light breezes and just a few puffy clouds.

Jim Troxell brought his ‘Mini-Bird’, Paul Ciarelli flew his ‘Chrysalis’, Gene Boyko brought his trusty ‘Drifter II’, Dave Reynolds again brought along his well-tested ‘Airhog Titan’, while Dan Bartolomeo challenged the course with a ‘Bird Of Time’.

We divided into a threesome and a twosome, and were off to the first hole………….

After just a hole or two, the Field was reduced to three participants, as both Paul and Gene suffered damage to their airplanes.

When the smoke cleared (and everyone caught their breath [Dan…….], the scores showed our winner this year to be Dave Reynolds, with a score of 27 (Par !!). Dave received his First Place Trophy (picture will be available later) after the round, and will have his name and score on the Award Plaque at the Awards Dinner in October.

In second place, with a score of 36, was Dan Bartolomeo. And finishing in third place was Jim Troxell with a score of 39.

When asked if we should do it again next year, everyone present responded with a resounding “Yes”………………so……………get something ready for next year’s Event, and come out and try your hand (and airplane………….) at ‘Glider Golf’.