Glider Golf Event 2012

Glider Golf 2012

The Third Annual “Glider Golf Event” was held on Saturday, July 14th. “Oh, but it rained”, you may quip, but “Oh”, I might add, didn’t you know it NEVER rains on a golf course. Heavy fog and drizzle maybe, but not RAIN !!

At the Club House, I asked, “Well, do we ‘tee off”, or postpone the event, and try for a better day next Saturday “? All present agreed……”Let’s do it” !

So, with five guys charged and ready to go, we gathered on the first “Tee”. The line-up consisted of Bill Jones, Paul Ciarelli, Dave Reynolds, Will Lipscomb, and Mark Slama. In the Gallery were Bill Marron, Gene Boyko, Bob Heisel and Jim Troxell.

Before we’d completed the first round of three holes, both Bill Jones and Paul Ciarelli had to scratch due to ‘mild structural impairment’ (but they both said they’d be back next year). That left only three golfers and two airplanes, since Mark and Will were sharing Will’s “Alula”.

When the smoke cleared, (a tough task, since the ‘fog’ kept it close to the ground), Mark shot a 33 for third place; Will was second with a 26, and our winner again this year was Dave Reynolds, who shot a remarkable 23!

Interestingly, the only two ships to complete the Event were discus-launch gliders. Using the discus-launch, these two airplanes were easily reaching enough altitude to make it in one ‘launch’ from hole to hole. If you read that message correctly, it seems to be saying that, it’ll probably be necessary to discus launch in next year’s Event to be competitive.

Thanks to everyone who showed up to support my Event, I do appreciate it. Heck, we had so much fun that we’ll probably do it again next year.