Glider Golf Event 2016

The Sixth Annual Glider Golf Event 2016.


Well…..if you weren’t there yesterday…..I guess you just missed the Sixth Annual Glider Golf Event, along with the fun and laughs that went with it.

Beautiful weather, with a partly sunny sky, light breezes….and NO RAIN….blessed all of us who were there, as five ‘Glider Golfers’ entered the Event.

With five ready to go, we ‘flipped-a-tee’ to pick groups that put Jim Troxell and Dave Reynolds together, with Dennis Modar, Mark Slamma and Jim Donohoe in the second group.

All went well for both groups through the fifth hole, when Mark Slamma knocked off the stabilizer on his Whipit that put him on the side.

Next out was Jim Donohoe with a broken aileron servo arm on the sixth hole.

With the field down to three, we put ’em all in a threesome to finish the round that saw Dennis Modar post a 36 with his Drifter II (this was his very first run at Glider Golf…….), followed closely by Jimmy T, flying a ‘Modified’ Skimmer, with a 33.

But, when the smoke cleared, once again, we saw last year’s winner, and the winner before that, and the winner………….well, you get the picture……

Again, this year, it was Dave Reynolds flying his winning, own-design DLG, in the winner’s circle with a blistering, new-course-record, of 20…..beating his previous low score of 23.

The pictures attached show the group before the first tee, as well as the winner, receiving the coveted Winner’s Plaque…….as well as his “Master’s Green Jacket” from yours truly……….

I think we all had fun, and more than a few laughs, as we watched some new trends developing.

A few observations

  1. Size doesn’t seem to matter……Mark Slamma, flying his small, light-weight ‘Whipit’ DLG was hanging right in there, score-wise, until his untimely accident that tore off his horizontal stab.
  2. Most guys were reaching the full distance to the hole on the majority of their tee shots……the ‘new’ problem now seems depth-perception, or, looked at another way, “when am I in front of the hole, over the hole….or behind the hole….
  3. You still need a ship that will withstand twenty, thirty, forty or fifty landings without damage……this is still an Event where durability counts.

In closing, I had a lot of fun setting up and managing the Event, taking most of the pictures (thanks Gene, for filling in with the camera while I attended to all the other stuff), and, in making plans for next year’s Seventh Annual Event.